12 Plants Suitable for Home Yard

Plants around the house have many benefits such as being more beautiful, they can be medicinal plants, and also fruit plants.

If you have a large enough yard for planting various plants, it is fun. However, of course, not all kinds of plants are suitable for planting around your yard.

It is better if you determine the function and aesthetics of such things first before planting. The plants planted should not only look good but also be useful for the surrounding environment.

Plants with beautiful flowers and charming leaves can indeed make a garden more attractive. Don’t forget that there are a number of fruit plants that can be presented in the garden, especially if you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit plants can be grown organically, hydroponically, aquaponically, and there are many alternative ways of planting. Or medicinal plants can also be planted in small pots or put on a shelf so that they can be neat and beautiful.

If the plants around the house that are presented are large, they can be a cooling plant for the home page.

Here are alternative plants around the house:

1. Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers are a variety of shrubs and have erect stems, a fragrant smell will spread from this flower. In Indonesia, most of the jasmine that is grown in the yard of the house is a variety of white jasmine (Jasminum sambac). White jasmine, which is a type of jasmine called “Puspa Bangsa” or a symbol of the national flower. plants around the house

2. Palm Trees

This plant at first glance looks like a coconut tree, but palm has small fruit so it is appropriate to be planted around the yard. There are many types of palm trees including palm or sugar palm (Arenga pinnata), bang (Corypha utan). Other types are coconut (Cocos nucifera), oil palm (Elaeis Guineensis), Nibung (Oncosperma tigillarium), Nipah (Nypa fruticans), and Rattan (Calamus Rattan). plants around the house

3. Mango Tree

mango tree

Mango trees are suitable for planting in a yard that is not too large because they are of medium size. In some residential clusters, it is common for developers to plant mango trees as a method of reducing solar heat. The mango tree is a type of plant that is relatively easy to cultivate and maintain, besides that, the mango tree grows fast and bears fruit.

If you want to try something new, you can clone the plant. Of course, it will be a new experience for you if you have never tried it.

4. Thoroughly

Thoroughly is a shrub that has many branches, has finely ribbed stems, and has soft hair. Usually, thoroughly are planted as living fences in the yard or yard. If not pruned regularly, thoroughly can grow to be more than three meters tall. Other benefits of thoroughly are as a health drink and also as a refresher on various kinds of food processing. plants around the house

5. Papaya Tree

The papaya tree (Carica papaya) is a plant native to southern Mexico and northern South America. Except for the edible fruit and leaves, the papaya tree can also serve as a natural canopy. The wide leaves make papaya can be used to protect the yard from the hot sun. plants around the house

6. Pine Trees

You can find pine trees when traveling to highland areas, the trees grow well in cool areas. Pine tree trunks and leaves that are evaluated as charming and unique give the plant its own attractive energy.

It is not uncommon for people to plant it for decoration in the yard so that it gives the impression of being in the mountains. There are several types of pines, but what is commonly grown in Indonesia is a variety of merkusii pine. plants around the house

7. Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a shrub native to East Asia, then spread to other regions. The characteristics of this hibiscus flower, among others, have large, red flowers, and do not smell fragrant.

Hibiscus flowers are widely used as ornamental plants both indoors and outdoors because of their beautiful flowers. Flowers are used differently in a number of countries, some are for offerings, some are for food. Hibiscus flowers can also be applied to tea as well as traditional medicine, and much more. plants around the house

8. The Cambodian tree

This tree can be found easily in Bali, this plant grows in almost every corner of the city with various types.

The colorful frangipani tree flowers really deserve to be planted in the front yard of the house, to add to the beauty of the house even more. Moreover, the frangipani tree has beautiful leaves and beautiful flowers so that it is an added value.

9. Banyan tree

The banyan tree has small leaves, but they are many, making it look lush. Banyan trees are easy to plant, resistant to disease, so they do not require much extra care and have a long life.

If the yard is wide enough, you can plant a banyan tree to produce shade trees. This plant is indeed large, but you can choose a medium-sized banyan tree or a bonsai size. plants around the house

10. Bamboo

The uniqueness of bamboo and the benefits it makes make this tree preferable to be planted in the yard or yard of the house. If you want to plant the most important bamboo in the yard or in the garden, the choice is ornamental bamboo. plants around the house

11. Betel

These vines can be an option for those of you who want to beautify the exterior of the house. Betel can also cover the facade of the house, make the house cooler, and can be used as medicine. A number of betel variants also have charming and shiny leaves, this plant does have many advantages.

12. Lemongrass

This plant has many benefits. Lemongrass is often used as a spice in cooking. You can enjoy its unique and fresh smell. If you like this plant, then it turns out that growing lemongrass is not difficult. The most important thing is there are a willingness and sincerity

13. Watercress

Watercress is a great vegetable for consumption. It is said that this plant contains a lot of sodium, nitrogen, and sulfur substances. This vegetable can be found in Asia and Europe. Way on how to grow watercress is also easy if taken seriously.

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